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16 Ply Trailer Tires vs 14 Ply

  16-Ply Tires 14-Ply Tires
Load Range “H” “G”
Load Capacity 6500 lbs per tire 4000 lbs per tire
Comfortable On The Road Yes No
Tougher On Tough Terrains No Yes
Weight Capacity

16-ply Tire is designated for hauling the heaviest weight on intense surface applications with a weight capacity of 6500 lbs per tire.

14-ply Tire is highly recommended for executing light towing projects with approximately 4000 lbs weight capacity.

Comfortable On The Road

16-ply Tire: More ply rating calls for powerful force to keep the weight distribution smooth. Thus, it’s less comfortable to drive with.

14-ply Tire puts forward a better ride with utmost comfort. With softer compounds and less PSI, it offers a quieter ride.


16-ply Tire is indeed a capable candidate for howling and towing projects. But it’s less likely to last long as it hauls heavier weight.

14-ply Tire doesn’t carry as heavy weights as a 16-ply tire. It results in remarkable longevity and outclass performance.

14-ply Tire
  • Handles Every Tractions: 14-ply tires comfortably handle difficult tractions without needing any special force.
  • Comfortable and Quitier: The comfortable and quiet ride doesn’t disturb the riding moments.
  • Excellent Sturdiness: 14-ply tire is highly recommended for its exceptional longevity besides dealing with intense surface applications.
  • Best For Light Towing Jobs: Its weight capacity of 4000 lbs makes it a suitable candidate for light towing projects.
  • Can’t Support Heaviest Load: If you’re planning to haul heavy weights, a 14-ply tire is not a good choice.
  • Not For Extreme Terrains: For rocky roads and bumpy surfaces, you will highly experience heavy blowouts and punctures.
16-Ply Tire
  • Supports Heavy-duty Load: More ply ratings mean more support in dealing with heavy-duty loads. The 16-ply tire features 6500 lbs.
  • Better Puncture Resistance: With a deep tread pattern, 16-ply resists punctures and bumps exceptionally.
  • Challenging Environment: 16-ply tire is capable to withstand higher psi levels to perform phenomenally on construction sites and concrete surfaces.
  • Heavy Towing and Hauling: 16-ply tire meets the criteria of heavy towing capacity. It flawlessly hauls heavy loads.
  • Don’t Last Long: Compared to 14-ply, 16-ply tires don’t last as much.
  • Makes Noise: Heavy tires mean loud noise during the ride.
Should You Buy A 16-ply Trailer Tire Or 14-ply?

16 ply trailer tires vs 14 ply; each one entails exclusive perks but with a significant difference. If you’re looking for premium driving performance with decent weight load capacity, the best 14-ply trailer tires are the suitable option. But for heavy-duty towing capacity and smooth road tractions, 16-ply tires provide full controllability with increased weight bearing.


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